Commercial Gates

Alugate Pro Commercial Gates

The cantilever sliding gates combine state-of-the-art craftsmanship and maximum functionality. Specially developed aluminium profiles and the use of high-quality materials guarantee durability, functionality, and the highest quality standards. Thanks to their manifold, creative and innovative design options, the sliding gates aesthetically enhance the appearance of any environment. All sliding gates are pre-installed and tested at the factory before shipping. Our Pro Commercial gates are CE marked and come with 15 year warranty on powder coating paint finish.

Alugate Pro Classic

Our Cantilever Sliding Gates combine the latest in craftsmanship with maximum functionality. Specially designed aluminium profiles and the use of high quality materials guarantee durability, functionality and the highest quality standards.

Key features:

Welded frame construction made of aluminium
Max. up to 25 m post clearance
Gate leaves with over 10 m post clear width are supplied in two parts to facilitate transportation
Central toothed rack integrated in track profile, and thus protected from adverse weather and dirt
Max. 250 cycles/day for gates up to 12m

Take a look at our Alugate Pro Classic Brochure

Alugate Pro Eco

Aluminium Sliding Gates are highly reliable, weather resistant and provide long term functionality, and can be tailored to customers specific requirements. They are weight-saving with state-of-the-art design and combine high stability with a trackless, smooth, quiet running.

Key features:

Bolted frame, no welds
Max. up to 10 m post clearance
Track is bolted which provides more stability
Guide rollers integrated in the top profile (on both sides -> thus usable on the right and left)
Available with standard infill bars 30×30, round bars 25, continuous bars, double welded mesh mat DSM 656 and DSM 868

Take a look at our Alugate Pro Eco Brochure


Alugate Pro Fencing

Aluminium fences with a maximum height of 2.5m are also available.

Fences for commercial and industrial use provide a reliable and aesthetically pleasing perimeter protection. The fences may be adapted to the design and style of connecting gates, enhancing the appearance of any environment.

Special mounting brackets for attaching the fence panels allow for a flexible fence alignment and compensate for any unevenness in the ground.